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Aaaaand I’m done!

As of yesterday, all of my final papers and assignments and presentations are done. Now it's all over bar the diploma. I'm still readjusting to the thought of not having my evenings and weekends given over to classes, readings, and homework. Whatever shall I do with myself? Anyone care to recommend something suitably fluffy (but […]

What Renaissance humanists and Star Trek fans have in common

This week’s readings for my Digital Libraries class turned out to be some of my favorites of the term so far. Favorite #1: "The Social Life of Documents," by John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid, an essay that later became part of The Social Life of Information. Here’s the part that caught my interest: The […]

Midwestward ho!

On Friday I’m off to Michigan to read my paper for the Questioning Authority conference. Allegedly, the hotel where I’m staying has wifi, so there will be blogging, and when I get around to sticking the paper in my portfolio, I’ll link to it for those of you who want to read it (all two […]

Greetings from New York

For the past several weeks I’ve been using my Fridays (which, in my work schedule, are the start of the weekend) to work on my project for the special collections class I’m taking. It’s a faux exhibit (i.e. we have to turn in an introduction and set of labels for an imaginary exhibit we’d like […]

The dangerous world of special collections

In the ongoing series of Things I Learned in Library School, here are the latest, all courtesy of the course on Curatorship of Special Collections I’m taking this term*: Conservators use the term "inherent vice" for those physical characteristics of books that cause them to self-destruct. The standard example is the acid in wood-pulp paper […]

One project down, three to go.

There are still a boatload of projects waiting to be done, but I’ve finished my final website project for my web design class: a guide to movies about opera. I had a lot of fun working on it, and I think I’ll most likely keep it going after this quarter is over. If you’re interested, […]

My people!

Monday night’s class was on classification systems, and at one point, we talked about the ubiquity of classifications, using grocery store aisles as an example. Specifically, what happens if the store owners decide to classify coffee filters as paper products and put them in Aisle 6 with the paper towels, but the caffeine-deprived shoppers expect […]

Buffy the semantic AI network

[I’m using a vacation day to catch up on coursework and catch my breath. Hence the flurry of school-related posts this afternoon.] In my Content Representation class this week, our professor touched on semantic networks, and the amount of knowledge that can be represented by linking a set of concepts and terms via specific types […]

One of many reasons why I like my classmates

The scene: Monday evening. A lab classroom in Drexel’s Rush Building. The mid-class break is in progress. Three people on one side of the room are looking at something on the web and cracking up. A fourth (yours truly) is peering over their shoulders. Classmate #4: Wait, is that the blog about quotation marks?Classmate #1, […]

The next best thing to knitting in class

I’ve chosen my topic for my thesaurus for Content Representation: it’s going to be about knitting. In addition to helping me get back into a knitting frame of mind as I figure out what my next big project is, it’ll furnish me with an excuse to acquire a few new knitting books. (For the terminology, […]