One of many reasons why I like my classmates

The scene: Monday evening. A lab classroom in Drexel’s Rush Building. The mid-class break is in progress. Three people on one side of the room are looking at something on the web and cracking up. A fourth (yours truly) is peering over their shoulders.

Classmate #4: Wait, is that the blog about quotation marks?
Classmate #1, still snickering: Yes. Hey, look at this: "Flan," anyone?
Classmate #2: Mmm, "flan." Tasty!
Classmate #4, pulling up the site in her browser: Snerk. "Massage"!

Then the break ended and we went back to learning how to do things with Photoshop. I’m still giggling at the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks, though.

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