My people!

Monday night’s class was on classification systems, and at one point, we talked about the ubiquity of classifications, using grocery store aisles as an example. Specifically, what happens if the store owners decide to classify coffee filters as paper products and put them in Aisle 6 with the paper towels, but the caffeine-deprived shoppers expect to find them in with the coffee in Aisle 4. That made me grin all over my face, because I’ve always pondered the reasons for grocery store product classification. That was actually one of the things that made me start thinking about librarianship in the first place. And at another point the professor mentioned LibraryThing, and asked if anyone used it; four or five of us raised our hands. One of them I already knew about (hello, if you’re reading this!), but I was tickled to see other LibraryThingers amongst us.

I have found My People. It’s awesome.

I’m also blogging from the neighborhood coffee place (which has free wifi) on a shiny, shiny new laptop, and a friend is coming to visit this weekend, so life, while still busy, is really good.

3 Responses to “My people!”

  1. Dianna says:

    *waves* Indeed I am 🙂
    Shiny laptops are nice things too!

  2. Jane Dark says:

    Oohh, shiny laptops!
    I am fascinated by the way that some grocery stores in my town are very careful to connect the organic food section with the produce section — and those that don’t nearly always have it tucked away between the shampoo aisle and the kitty litter aisle.

  3. Amanda says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite that placement for the organic aisle — though the vitamins and supplements aisle sometimes goes in a similar spot. I’ve also been intrigued by what constitutes “foreign foods” ever since I spotted Sylvia’s Soul Food and all the Manischevitz kosher products in the foreign foods aisle of a Meijer back in the Midwest.