Writing and speaking

Talks and conference papers

  • “‘I hope some valued scraps to gain’: American Commonplace Books in the Later Nineteenth Century.” Paper to be presented at MLA 2018, January 2018.
  • Panel chair and presenter for “Technologies of Collection, Quotation, and Recirculation,” SHARP 2017, University of Victoria, June 2017. Talk: “#QOTD: Technologies of Quotation in the 21st Century.”
  • “Visualizing a Web of Poems, Poets, and Readers.” Lightning talk presented at the DHSI Colloquium, University of Victoria, June 2017.
  • Chair and moderator for “What Was, Is, and Shall Be an Academic Library — and Who Will Work There?”, open meeting of the Libraries and Research Forum at MLA 2016, January 2016.
  • Co-organizer and presenter for “Old Books and New Tricks: Regenerating the Library Visit,” a roundtable panel presented at SHARP 2015, July 2015.
  • “Remixing the Poets: Nineteenth-century American Commonplace Books as Textual Assemblage.” Paper presented at MLA 2015, January 15. Session: “Textual Assemblage: Readers, Remixing, and the Reconstruction of Books.”
  • “Creating a Canon of Sentimental Verse: Nineteenth-Century American Readers and their Commonplace Books.” Paper presented at the Reception Study Society Fifth Biannual Conference, Milwaukee, WI, September 28, 2013.
  • Panelist for “Leaders on the Right Track in the Academy.” MLA 2013, January 5, 2013.
  • Panelist for “Alt-ac in the Liberal Arts: Hybridity at the Intersection of Teaching and Learning.” 2012 NITLE Symposium, Arlington, VA, April 2012.
  • “Memorial Genres: Poetry Anthologies and Commonplace Books in 19th-century New England.” Paper presented at Material Cultures 2010, University of Edinburgh, July 17, 2010.
  • Panelist for “Ph.Ds in Academic Libraries,” roundtable at ACRL 14th national conference, Seattle, March 14th, 2009. Also participated in a follow-up ACRL On-Point Chat, September 23rd, 2009.
  • “Distributed Authority Control in the Age of Web 2.0: The Case of LibraryThing.”  Paper presented at the Questioning Authority conference, University of Michigan School of Information, March 29, 2008.
  • Panelist for “CLIR Fellows—a different entry point to academic librarianship,” roundtable at ACRL 12th national conference, Minneapolis, April 9, 2005.
  • “‘Every red letter’: Richard Crashaw’s Perverse Art of Memory.” Paper presented at the 10th annual meeting of the Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies, Tampa, FL, November 16, 2002.
  • Conference introduction and “Rhyme and the Memory of It.” Presented at the “New Formalisms and the Lyric in History” conference, University of Michigan, January 19, 2001.
  • “Mourning, Iconophobia, and the Performance of Sorrow in The Winter’s Tale.” Presented at the “On Religious Grounds: From Discipline to Disciplinarity in Medieval and Renaissance Studies” conference, University of Michigan, January 29, 2000.


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