Updates, and a newsletter about forgotten poems

I didn’t exactly mean to stop blogging, but life has a way of getting busy even when there are no major changes happening, and then sometimes you realize it’s been over a year since you posted anything, for no good reason. And then you try to remember everything noteworthy that’s happened in the last year. So here goes: I celebrated a milestone birthday; I’m coming up on my four-year New Yorkiversary in the fall (already?!); this semester is my third-year review at work; I had an article come out this winter; I moved uptown this summer, almost to the far end of Manhattan, and I hope to stay in this neighborhood for a while; and I’m still trying to see as much live opera as I can. And I got to march in the San Francisco Pride Parade last June thanks to the ALA conference happening there that same weekend. Oh, and I’ve been back to the sheep and wool festival, which is now something I look forward to every fall. New York’s been really good to me so far. I think I’m already spoiled for living anywhere else.

Also, I’m still working on the book project, and I decided to encourage myself to write about it in a less formal register by starting up a newsletter I’m calling “Forgotten Poems.” Every two weeks I choose a poem I discovered in a commonplace book and write something about it. It’s been fun to write about poetry again, and to stretch my muscles by writing something not-quite-academic. Something about the letter format encourages a kind of direct address that I’ve been enjoying. (A sign that I should return to blogging again, really!) If you want to check it out, the letter archive is here and you can subscribe here.

And that’s it for updates for the moment, but I don’t plan to let another year go by before blogging again.

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