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So, BSG.

A few things for my fellow Battlestar Galactica fans: What did you think of the finale? I don’t know what I was expecting, except that after the darkness of so much of this season, I was fully prepared for Galactica to explode and kill them all. But I’m glad that wasn’t what happened. I thought […]

Battlestar Galactica, or (Paradise) Lost in Space

(Warning: This post contains major spoilers for recent episodes of Battlestar Galactica, so if you don’t want to know, you’d best stop reading now.) When I first started watching Battlestar Galactica, I saw it as, among many other things, a reimagining of Vergil’s Aeneid. Now that another couple of seasons have passed and the emphasis […]

Fiction in the age of the social web

I've blogged previously about characters from TV shows (most notably Battlestar Galactica) showing up on Twitter. And it's not just BSG: just recently I started watching AMC's Mad Men, twittered about it, and shortly thereafter got a notification that "Peggy Olson is now following you on Twitter." It turns out that the twittering Mad Men […]

TV recommendation: Slings & Arrows

Last year, a colleague who shares many of my tastes in TV and movies (and who reads this blog; hi, Anne!) asked me if I'd ever heard of a Canadian TV series called Slings & Arrows. I hadn't, but now that I have a Netflix subscription, I've finally gotten around to watching it, and it's […]

Confidential to the BSG fans among my readership…

… especially those of you on Twitter: I just learned (via Twitter, of course) that someone has set up Twitter accounts for a whole bunch of Battlestar Galactica characters. I’m currently following @billadama and @cylonhybrid. (But where’s Laura Roslin?) And looking forward to getting cable in my new apartment when I move at the end […]

Career guidance from science-fiction TV shows

Not long ago I came up with a career-inclinations quiz question, a way of identifying what one wants to do. Imagine that you and a bunch of other people, from various walks of life, are stranded on an island* — or, if you prefer, sent off to start a colony on an uninhabited planet.** Assume […]

Buffy the semantic AI network

[I’m using a vacation day to catch up on coursework and catch my breath. Hence the flurry of school-related posts this afternoon.] In my Content Representation class this week, our professor touched on semantic networks, and the amount of knowledge that can be represented by linking a set of concepts and terms via specific types […]

The danger of letting classicists watch sci-fi TV

I’ve now watched the entirety of the first two seasons of Battlestar Galactica on DVD. (I don’t have cable, so nobody spoil me for season 3 in the comments, please?) And the other night, watching the two parts of "Lay Down Your Burdens," the S2 finale, I suddenly said to myself "Hey, wow, it’s the […]

Reality TV-watching confessions

I hadn’t visited Relevant History in a while, but I see that Alex Pang, like me, is hooked on The Amazing Race. Personally, I don’t think Mirna and Charla were as detestable a duo as Colin and Christie. Well, primarily Colin. If Christie develops some common sense and dumps her ugly-American boyfriend, there may be […]

More wardrobe ideas (a short silly post)

There’s going to be a big happy post — about my new career path, the CLIR seminar, life, the universe, and everything — coming down the pike before too long. But first, I would like to note that I now have a new plan for this Halloween: instead of dressing as Jack Sparrow, I’m seriously […]