Midwestward ho!

On Friday I’m off to Michigan to read my paper for the Questioning Authority conference. Allegedly, the hotel where I’m staying has wifi, so there will be blogging, and when I get around to sticking the paper in my portfolio, I’ll link to it for those of you who want to read it (all two of you!).

In the mean time, I’ve become fascinated with Penguin’s experiment in "digital fiction," We Tell Stories. It’s a combination of experiments with narrative in new media and riffs on earlier works. The first one, The 21 Steps, plays with the plot of John Buchan’s The 39 Steps, only with Google Maps (thanks to Emily of Poesy Galore for the link). The latest, Slice, is inspired by an M. R. James story — and, since I can’t resist anything to do with M. R. James, I’m avidly following it on Twitter. Go, read.

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