The next best thing to knitting in class

I’ve chosen my topic for my thesaurus for Content Representation: it’s going to be about knitting. In addition to helping me get back into a knitting frame of mind as I figure out what my next big project is, it’ll furnish me with an excuse to acquire a few new knitting books. (For the terminology, of course.)

I couldn’t do an opera thesaurus after all, as we were advised to stay off of topics that involve a lot of foreign terms, and operatic terminology is so heavily Italian (with a bit of German thrown in) that it wouldn’t have worked. But it’ll be neat to work on an assignment that requires me to think about the distinctions between laceweight, fingering, worsted, and double-knit yarns. I’m feeling the urge to make a sweater already.

I’m still mulling website topics for my other class. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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