Greetings from New York

For the past several weeks I’ve been using my Fridays (which, in my work schedule, are the start of the weekend) to work on my project for the special collections class I’m taking. It’s a faux exhibit (i.e. we have to turn in an introduction and set of labels for an imaginary exhibit we’d like to put together), and mine is on the Gotham Book Mart.

Today, I’m on an all-too-brief daytrip to New York to look at some of the GBM’s archives in the New York Public Library, and in front of me are two letters from Gertrude Stein (whose handwriting I can’t always decipher), and another from Wallace Stevens. And there’s so much more, my head practically exploded when the librarian handed me the shelflist.

I just had to mention that, because how often can one say "In front of me are two letters from Gertrude Stein"? Now, back to the archival folders, in a race against time before the library closes and I go off to dinner with friends followed by the bus back to Philly. Catch you all later!

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