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OK, one more photo post…

…because photography is fun. (It's the hobby that sort of crept up on me while I wasn't looking. Unlike knitting or blogging, I didn't really intend to get into it.) These irises were calling to me yesterday, and I'm very glad I stopped on my way home to take some pictures: There's a poem in […]

In search of the elusive Nesselrode Pudding, or, menu digitization rocks!

How much do I love the New York Public Library's What's on the Menu? project? Inordinately, that's how much. They're dealing with a fairly common problem among libraries with digitization projects: a big collection of image files of interesting documents; the need to capture the text from those documents into a usable, searchable form; the […]

More botanizing

More spring foliage imagery. I just can't help myself; it was a beautiful day today, and the leaves on the trees are still that supercharged fluorescent green that always leaves me a little startled that such a color is actually found in nature. This post is for frizzyLogic, whose photographs of London plane trees and […]

Trying to revive this blog, a bit.

Somehow I managed not to post anything here for two months. Partly I've just been busy; partly it's been a rocky couple of months. Nothing dire, I hasten to add, but there's been illness and death in my family, and personal angst of the mundane and unbloggable kind, and all that combined with what's seemed […]

Penelope work

So I frogged a sweater last weekend. For those of you who aren't knitters, "frogging" means unraveling a knitting project. (It's a pun, because when you're unknitting something, you rip it, rip it, rip it…get it? Ribbit?) This was no partial unraveling to get to a mistake I'd discovered too late; this was a complete […]

A meme for a Sunday afternoon: Five imaginary lives

In an effort to get back into writing fiction (and, hopefully, poetry as well), I've been working my way through the exercises in Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. The one I've found the most fun so far is the one she calls "Imaginary Lives": imagine that you have five other lifetimes to pursue whatever you […]

Thoughts on libraries and a cultivated sense of curiosity

(This is a semi-stream-of-consciousness post. I'm thinking out loud rather than posing a question I have real answers to. But it's been on my mind lately; if any of you have any better answers than I do, have at it in the comments!) A couple of the people I follow on Twitter posted links today […]

On walkability, part 4: City streets and safety

(This is part of an occasional series of posts on walkability. You can also jump to part 1, part 2, and part 3. Incidentally, I’m writing this at home during a snow day, which makes me think that my next walkability post should really be about snow removal.) There’s been a lot of talk lately […]

Commonplaces in all sorts of places

Not long ago, having realized that none of the other online to-read list options I’d been trying were really working out, I joined Goodreads. I like the ease of adding a book to one’s to-read or currently-reading shelves; I like the tagging; I like being able to specify what page I’m on; and I like […]

Fun with Google Books Ngram Viewer

When Google’s Ngram Viewer appeared on the scene last month, I (like half my Twitter feed) went a little crazy feeding search terms into it and looking at the results. For any of you who missed the news, the viewer lets you search language corpora generated from Google Books and display a chart of the […]