2008 in review

The year through my blog archives:

January: I attend the ALA Midwinter conference, get interested in network theory, enjoy some terrific theater in New York, and kick off the search for my first post-MSLIS library job.

February: A conference paper proposal I submitted gets accepted. I think about print culture, and take a really fun research trip to the New York Public Library.

March: I start getting nibbles from prospective employers, and have a wonderful time at my first live Met movie broadcast (and my second). I give my conference paper while surrounded by scenes from the past.

April: The beginning of my last term of library school. Also the beginning of a series of in-person job interviews. Barely a free moment to be had.

May: Job offer! Much job-offer-related spazzing! Also, I enjoy my Digital Libraries class a lot.

June: The end of my library school coursework. I officially spill the beans about my new job and officially become a librarian when I receive my MSLIS. I hash out the details of my move to New London.

July: My five-year blogging anniversary. Packing. More packing. Summer fun enjoyed in between moving preparations. A fond, rather sad farewell to Philadelphia. Moving. The immense pleasure of unpacking my books and thinking about their arrangement. My first days in my new job.

August: Settling into New London. I start thinking about writing articles on scholarly social networks and information technology in Dracula.

September: The economy goes pear-shaped, and I thank my stars for gainful employment. I read some John Crowley and ponder Twitter.

October: I get into an apocalyptic mood, then visit my nearest used bookstore. Fall in New England goes into high gear, and I begin to see why tourists come to look at the leaves.

November: Obama is elected President. I’m thrilled, though also pissed off about the passage of Proposition 8 in California. I revisit some of the academic labor issues that I used to write about way back when I started this blog.

December: When not worrying about the recession, I think about minor poets, cinematic favorites, and knitting. Also, the first snowstorm of the season transforms New London.

It was an eventful year for me, and mostly a very good year. I feel immensely and undeservedly lucky that I managed to get my life stabilized before the economy took its big hit in the fall. I hope that all of you who read this are safe, healthy, not getting snowed on too heavily, and surrounded by people you love.

Happy new year, everyone, and may 2009 bring better tidings for the world than 2008 did.

5 Responses to “2008 in review”

  1. Lady P says:

    Why undeservedly lucky? Looks entirely deserved from here 🙂 And here’s to an even better 2009

  2. dale says:

    Looks pretty deserved to me, too. You’ve paid your dues, Amanda.

  3. Thanks, both of you! I said undeservedly because I know how many other people worked equally hard but are now looking at pay cuts or layoffs. But thanks for reminding me that it’s not just luck. Sometimes I need to be reminded of that. 🙂

  4. Dianna says:

    Happy New Year!

  5. Same to you! How’ve you been?