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A day at Rhinebeck

The New York Sheep and Wool Festival, held every October in Rhinebeck, NY, is one of those knitting events I’ve meant to go to for years but never managed to make it to. Until this year, when two librarian friends and I drove up the Hudson in a Zipcar for a day of fiber-fanaticism. We […]

The stacked books meme

Thanks to this post by Susan at Crunchy Granola, I’ve discovered that there are lots of people stacking books so that their spines tell a story or form a poem, much like Nina Katchadourian’s very cool Sorted Books project. (And do check out all of those examples. Many of them made me sporfle.) So naturally, I […]

OK, one more photo post…

…because photography is fun. (It's the hobby that sort of crept up on me while I wasn't looking. Unlike knitting or blogging, I didn't really intend to get into it.) These irises were calling to me yesterday, and I'm very glad I stopped on my way home to take some pictures: There's a poem in […]

More botanizing

More spring foliage imagery. I just can't help myself; it was a beautiful day today, and the leaves on the trees are still that supercharged fluorescent green that always leaves me a little startled that such a color is actually found in nature. This post is for frizzyLogic, whose photographs of London plane trees and […]

Trying to revive this blog, a bit.

Somehow I managed not to post anything here for two months. Partly I've just been busy; partly it's been a rocky couple of months. Nothing dire, I hasten to add, but there's been illness and death in my family, and personal angst of the mundane and unbloggable kind, and all that combined with what's seemed […]

A #Reverb10 photo post: Moment

I've been neglecting the blog again. Too many things I might blog about (fun with productivity tools; gender in social networks; the latest outcroppings of my commonplace book project; when all else fails, random favorite poems), too little time. But a bunch of people I know in the blogo/Twitterspheres are doing Reverb 10, and I've been playing […]

My UK trip, in pictures

So here is the blog post about what I did on my summer vacation, complete with pictures. (In another life I was somebody's aunt who brought out the slide projector at every family dinner.) The full(ish) set is up on Flickr if you're curious. First stop: Edinburgh, for Material Cultures 2010, which was one of […]

On walkability, part 2: Giving people something to look at

(This is part 2 in an irregular series of posts about walkability. For those of you just tuning in, part 1 is here.) You don’t always hear about aesthetics being a factor in walkability; usually the discussion is focused on distances between places that people need to get to, and obstacles in the way of […]

Autumnal dreaming

I went to see my family in Baltimore for Thanksgiving weekend. The day after Thanksgiving, we went for a walk up and down Roland Avenue, one of the main north-south streets in Hampden, where I spent most of my childhood. Just as we were leaving, I remembered my camera. I took a bunch of pictures, […]

My Seattle trip in pictures

My camera is finally working again, and I've just gotten around to uploading the pictures I took in Seattle during ACRL. Herewith, a long-overdue summary of the non-conferencey parts of the trip. Spectacular views of the Rockies from the plane on the way over: Below the surface of the city on the Underground Tour: Historic […]