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The stacked books meme

Thanks to this post by Susan at Crunchy Granola, I’ve discovered that there are lots of people stacking books so that their spines tell a story or form a poem, much like Nina Katchadourian’s very cool Sorted Books project. (And do check out all of those examples. Many of them made me sporfle.) So naturally, I […]

A meme for a Sunday afternoon: Five imaginary lives

In an effort to get back into writing fiction (and, hopefully, poetry as well), I've been working my way through the exercises in Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. The one I've found the most fun so far is the one she calls "Imaginary Lives": imagine that you have five other lifetimes to pursue whatever you […]

The poem fragments in the back of your mind

Emily Lloyd at Poesy Galore has tagged me with an irresistible meme: "What are ten lines from poems that stick in your head when you are walking around your day? Or, if you stop a minute and think of some lines of poetry, what comes up? It’s fine if you distort the line as you […]

A favorite-movie alphabet

I saw this meme over at Easily Distracted and liked it so much that I'm stealing it. The rules are simple: name a favorite movie for each letter of the alphabet. So here are mine. After Life: I'm reluctant to give any summary, because any summary would make it sound cheesy. Just go watch it […]

In which this blog takes a personality test

Via Academic Cog and New Kid on the Hallway, the Typealyzer: a site that analyzes your blog's Myers-Briggs personality type. In my case, it wasn't far off. Every time I've taken the Myers-Briggs test, I've scored as either an INTP or, on a couple of occasions, INTJ. The Typealyzer thinks my blog is a bit […]

Name that poem!

A meme for a Saturday morning: I've just discovered Wordle, a site that lets you generate nice-looking multicolored "word clouds" out of any text you put into it. One of the first things I tried doing with it was running the text of various poems through it. And then I thought, "I wonder how identifiable […]

Answers to the last lines meme

Herewith, the answers to the Seven Last Lines meme: Edith Wharton, “Roman Fever” (guessed by Dorothea) John Milton, Paradise Lost (guessed by brd) Arthur C. Clarke, “The Nine Billion Names of God” (guessed by Mike) Sir Philip Sidney, Astrophil and Stella 45 (“Stella oft sees the very face of woe”) (the only unguessed one) James […]

Seven last lines meme

It’s still way too hot. I’m avoiding homework. Hence, the conditions are perfect for starting up a meme. I’d been thinking about literary last lines, and started pulling books off the shelves and scribbling down my favorite final lines, and the result looked too much like an amusing quizzy thing not to share. So here […]

Still here

… still internetless at home, still blogging from computer labs and the public library, and still fed up with the whole situation. The longer posts I’ve been contemplating will have to wait (again). Can anyone recommend me an ISP that actually does its damn job? In lieu of profound thoughts and well-honed prose, I’ll just […]

I’m not really a coloratura soprano.

I couldn’t resist this meme any more than Jane Dark could… Your life as an Opera by ladivinabionda Name Voice type Coloratura Soprano Your character type The evil monarch who has potential lovers executed Your Opera will be: A tragedy based on Greek or Roman mythology with a glorious deus ex machina ending. Composer Beethoven […]