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Things I did on my summer vacation: a photo post

I’m once again overdue for a blog post. But this time I have the excuse that it’s been an unexpectedly fabulous and eventful summer. So here’s a quick recap: In late May and early June, I went back to the UK. Highlights included: going on a walking tour in North Wales and climbing Snowdon* with […]

A #Reverb10 photo post: Moment

I've been neglecting the blog again. Too many things I might blog about (fun with productivity tools; gender in social networks; the latest outcroppings of my commonplace book project; when all else fails, random favorite poems), too little time. But a bunch of people I know in the blogo/Twitterspheres are doing Reverb 10, and I've been playing […]

On walkability, part 3: Things I learned in the UK

I’ve been meaning to get back to the walkability series (part 1; part 2) for a while, particularly after my walking-intensive summer vacation. Here are a few things I noticed on the great Scotland-to-England journey of 2010: 1. Street usability One of the things that impressed me a lot about London, during my three days […]

My UK trip, in pictures

So here is the blog post about what I did on my summer vacation, complete with pictures. (In another life I was somebody's aunt who brought out the slide projector at every family dinner.) The full(ish) set is up on Flickr if you're curious. First stop: Edinburgh, for Material Cultures 2010, which was one of […]

Of wanderlust and long-distance walking

The topic of "life lists" came up at my knitting group yesterday, and I realized that inasmuch as I have a life list, it's more of a travel list than anything else. Yes, I suppose I'd like to go bungee jumping or hang gliding or skydiving at least once, but I don't think my life […]

Things to do in Edinburgh when you’re conferencing

In a somewhat startling and immensely welcome turn of events, I just found out that my conference paper proposal was accepted, which means that, God willing and the crick don’t rise, I’m bound for Edinburgh this summer. I’m thrilled, not just because the conference looks marvelous, but also because I’ve never been in the UK, and this will be […]

The convergence of film and opera, or, What I did on my summer vacation

I'm back from my Santa Fe trip, which was just about the ideal vacation. (I only wish I'd been there longer than a long weekend. Next time. And there'll definitely be a next time.) Two eminently enjoyable nights at the opera, in the open air with the mountains in the distance; two magnificent sopranos;* excitingly […]