My Seattle trip in pictures

My camera is finally working again, and I've just gotten around to uploading the pictures I took in Seattle during ACRL. Herewith, a long-overdue summary of the non-conferencey parts of the trip.

Spectacular views of the Rockies from the plane on the way over:

Over the Rockies

Below the surface of the city on the Underground Tour:

Underground Tour stop, 2

Historic coffee technology on display (holy steampunk, Batman!):

More old-school coffeemakers

RARRRRR! (It's a monkfish at the Pike Place fish market.)

O hai monkfish!

Inside the Seattle Central Library, an all-red floor that's pure Stanley Kubrick, a clever call numbering system, and a glowing yellow escalator:

The all-red mezzanine floor Call number display Stacks, escalator, inadvertent self-portrait

And a view of the library's reference desk, a.k.a. the "Mixing Chamber," from on high:

Looking down into the Mixing Chamber

I would have taken pictures of the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum, especially the latter, but that evening was when I dropped my camera. I'm glad I got to geek out at the Central Library before the Camera Incident happened.

2 Responses to “My Seattle trip in pictures”

  1. ChrisTheRed says:

    How funny. Mrs. TheRed and I were just in Seattle and have a nearly identical monkfish pic from Pike.