Apparently I’m the coolest. And from Mars.

Amusement from Google. (Thanks, Rana!)

amanda is an outdated version
amanda is a vivacious young english diva girl
amanda is the coolest and from mars
amanda is 5 stories tall and is one of the oldest buildings in my city
amanda is a chocolate point siamese cat with stories
amanda is optimized to take advantage of tape drives
amanda is an array of devices for detecting muons and neutrinos
amanda is completely unavailable
amanda is a detector being constructed at the south pole
amanda is pursuing her career as a jewel thief
amanda is a network backup utility
amanda is eating super blue green algae
amanda is totally useless
amanda is using a completely new technique to study the universe
amanda is the only person in the room
amanda is finally coming home to the doulton family estate; but is she really amanda?
amanda is hiding at the pirate shop

I think I like "jewel thief," "diva girl," and "hiding at the pirate shop" the best. (Pirate shop?)

(It’s a little disconcerting, though, to realize how popular one’s name seems to be at the porn sites. A consequence of the rapid ascension of "Amanda" into the ranks of most popular girls’ names in the 1980s?)

One Response to “Apparently I’m the coolest. And from Mars.”

  1. Michelle says:

    I didn’t post mine because it was practically *yards* long (and I’m still smarting from embarrassment over a manic quizfest one weekend), but don’t feel alone on the porn sites because “Michelle is yummy” was repeated multiple times on my googlism.