Blogger + Firefox = gibberish?

Every time I try to read blogs hosted at Blogspot — particularly when I try to read archived posts — they turn into gibberish, like this:

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Reloading the page solves the problem, but it’s annoying. Is anyone else experiencing this? It only seems to happen with Mozilla Firefox. Unfortunately, I’ve grown so partial to Firefox that I’d hate to go back to IE.

5 Responses to “Blogger + Firefox = gibberish?”

  1. Jeannette says:

    Yes. That happens to me, too. I use Netscape or Mozilla. I think reloading a page is worth it not to have to use IE. Weird.
    Something else that happens with you all’s typepad blogs: on netscape sometimes I can’t leave comments, but on IE I can.
    A bother, to be sure, but not worth using IE regularly, in my opinion. 😉

  2. cindy says:

    Yes, it is happening to me with Mozilla, though I assumed something was up with Blogger and didn’t try any other browsers! (memories of my days at Blogger, I guess)

  3. Clancy says:

    It happens to me too, but if I hit “stop” and then “reload” I can see it fine.

  4. MisterBS says:

    I’m not getting it on any of my bookmarked blogspot hostees. Really strange. The only time I get wacky unexpected gibberish is when I forget to set my user agent string back to default after visiting a site that doesn’t cooperate with anything but IE.
    The one thing I do get with Ffox is that all typepad sites are fixed-width. Since I tend to surf with my bookmark sidebar open, that means some lateral scrolling. Usually the sidebars are less interesting than the posts themselves, so it’s not that big a deal, but lateral scrolling really chafes my butt.

  5. Alter says:

    That’s odd. I’ve never had any problems like you mention with opening Blogger while using Firefox.