Catching up on a ton of blog reading

Scribblingwoman shares my pen fetish. (I’m more of a fountain pen person, though. Someday I will earn enough money to splurge on a red marbled Aurora Optima. Or a Delta Dolce Vita Mini. Or a high-end Pelikan. Drool.)

Drooling of a different sort: fabulous-sounding sorbets from green gabbro. Mmm, lavender. File under "wish I had an ice cream maker."

Josh Corey, like me, is fascinated by Ashbery’s titles.

I think I’ll try out this 5-minute story thing (via LiL). Also chez LiL, this entry rings very true. Right on.

Okay. Time to get away from my computer, resell some more books, and continue to fret about moving…

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