Photo post!

And now, for those of you who aren’t already tired of hearing about my move to Connecticut, here’s the pictorial version (full set on Flickr). Click to embiggen:


Packing underway in my old living room.


The same room, emptied.


Last sight of Center City and the Schuylkill River from the train window, going north.


Pristine new living room, before the movers arrived.


Lo! thy dread Empire, Chaos! is restor’d…

And that’s pretty much the sum of it. (Yes, I finally got a camera, and yes, I’ve been having fun with it. Expect the occasional New London architecture shot or portrait of in-progress knitting to crop up here from time to time.)

2 Responses to “Photo post!”

  1. dale says:

    :-> Its empire always is restored, somehow.

  2. Amanda says:

    I know. It’s the law of entropy, or something.