…and I made it!

I’m now in my new apartment in New London, surrounded by boxes, getting ready to crash hard for the rest of the evening, and listening an unknown recording of Don Giovanni that’s playing on the radio. (I was just searching through the channels and came upon it right in the middle of Leporello’s catalogue aria. Now I’m hoping the station will identify itself and give some indication of whether they play Mozart operas all the time, or just on occasional Tuesday evenings.) More to follow when I’m not so zonked out; for now, greetings from a blissfully heat-wave-free corner of Connecticut.

[Update: Ah. It’s a classical music station not far from New Haven, they’re playing highlights from a bunch of recordings, and they do this every Tuesday night. Yay! Shades of the Sunday Opera Matinee on WTJU back in Charlottesville!]

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