Still here

… still internetless at home, still blogging from computer labs and the public library, and still fed up with the whole situation. The longer posts I’ve been contemplating will have to wait (again). Can anyone recommend me an ISP that actually does its damn job?

In lieu of profound thoughts and well-honed prose, I’ll just mention that I’m slowly succumbing to the by now heavily documented lolcats phenomenon. I didn’t get into it until I discovered, first, lolbrarians ("Im in ur IFLA faceting ur classification"); then, a retelling of the classic "Trouble with Tribbles" Star Trek episode in lolcat-speak; and, most recently, loltheorists, where Socrates asks "I can has dinner in town hall?" and Schroedinger proclaims "I haz ur cat."

Yes, I think we’ve established it now: I’m very easily amused. Fellow opera fans: who wants to start making lolcomposers macros?

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