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Snowpocalypse now!

The big snowstorm took its time getting to Connecticut, but it's definitely here. The College closed early today so that people could go home before the roads got too messy. When I heard the forecast this morning, I grabbed my camera, and I've been carrying it around taking pictures all day. Downtown, all was quiet, […]

Pictures from my walk home

I had my camera with me yesterday, and the light was so irresistible as I walked home that I kept stopping to take pictures. There's a little cluster of milkweed growing near my shortcut off campus, and the seeds have started coming loose. Some of the trees are turning red. This one seems to be […]

In which my books take over the living room floor

This is what happens when I decide that, after unpacking my books but before shelving them, I ought to rethink my entire organizational system. I kind of like the effect, actually. Except for the whole “can’t walk across the living room” thing. I doubt these photos will win any book pile contests at LibraryThing, but […]

Photo post!

And now, for those of you who aren’t already tired of hearing about my move to Connecticut, here’s the pictorial version (full set on Flickr). Click to embiggen:   Packing underway in my old living room. The same room, emptied. Last sight of Center City and the Schuylkill River from the train window, going north. […]