April foolery

I’ve never been much of a one for playing April Fool’s Day pranks myself, but I’m glad to see that the good people at Library Journal have been observing the day in an appropriately leg-pulling spirit.

Since the special LJ April Fool’s Edition will probably disappear tomorrow, here are a couple of screen captures for posterity (click to embiggen*):

Lj Lj2

I doubt the headlines will be as funny to anyone who isn’t a librarian. For my part, I knew I’d made the mental shift from academic literary critic to librarian-in-the-making when this kind of thing started to make me laugh.

[Update: K. G. Schneider of Free Range Librarian replies. Bwah! By the way, I have a (by now kind of un-timely) post a-brewing on the "Michael Gorman vs. Blogs" controversy.]

In other news of the silly:
Bloglines in Klingon! (hat tip to Dorothea)
Google releases Google Gulp. Mmmm…sero-tonic.
As always, Miriam of scribblingwoman links widely and entertainingly.

* When did "embiggen" cease to be a Simpsons in-joke and enter the language? And how did it become specifically associated with the action of clicking a thumbnail image to see the full-sized version? Inquiring minds want to know.

3 Responses to “April foolery”

  1. Amanda says:

    🙂 back atcha!

  2. Harrison says:

    That’s a perfectly cromulant question!