Spring is here. Spring has been here for weeks, complete with snowdrops and daffodils. There’s a giant magnolia tree in front of the Rotunda that’s completely covered with potently aromatic white flowers. Today it got up into the 60s and half the student body was outside in flip-flops and shorts. A week or so ago I saw what I think was an Eastern bluebird near the University tennis courts. It was a duller blue than the guidebooks lead one to expect, so I think it was probably a female bluebird; but it had the blue back and the orange underside and was approximately the right size and shape.

This may not be at all exciting to readers who live in more rural areas, but I’m a city girl. Red-winged blackbirds and the occasional hawk are about the most exotic avian wildlife I’ve ever seen on my daily rounds before. I begin to understand why people make such a fuss about the outdoors.

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