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Count me among those not thrilled about Kindle

Most of the biblioblogosphere is talking about Kindle, Amazon’s new e-book reader. After rooting around the Kindle site trying to find detailed descriptions of what kinds of files it supports and what the terms of service are, I have to say I’m underwhelmed. On the one hand, I think a lightweight e-book reader with a […]

Cataloging Jefferson’s library

Over at LibraryThing, someone suggested cataloging the libraries of famous people, and the project quickly snowballed into a collective effort to catalog Thomas Jefferson’s book collection. Anyone on LT can join in and claim a section of the catalog. I’m doing Pastorals, Odes, and Elegies, and have been deep in 18th-century editions of Theocritus and […]

Knowledge organization, reading notes, killer apps

At the end of an article on theory in knowledge organization that I read for my cataloging class, I found (and circled) this paragraph: …Another area rife [sic] for theoretical development is the extensive work of cocitation and coword analysis. This work describes relationships among scholars, essentially mapping intellectual relationships within knowledge domains as represented […]

Open letter to an ebook provider

Dear NetLibrary, It’s not that I don’t appreciate having online access to a book that everyone in my cataloging class is going to be vying over this weekend. And it’s not that I don’t also appreciate the fact that you seem to have ditched the PDF format, a move for which I’m profoundly grateful, considering […]

Supermarket 2.0

One more post, since I’m on a roll today. If you’ve been hearing a lot about Web 2.0 (or Library 2.0, for that matter), then you must see "Supermarket 2.0." I’m not quite geeky enough to get every single one of the jokes, but oh, the bottled water tagged "transparent" and "WYSIWYG," and the cashier […]

Just out of curiosity…

… are any of you out there using Twitter? I’m not sure I’d want to use it (I’m too lazy to constantly post what I’m up to, and I don’t know if any of my friends would be into it), but I’m also kind of intrigued by Liz Lawley’s post about it. Show of hands?

Quick Zotero review

I’ve been planning a post on Zotero for ages. Today I was using it to speed up part of a work project and remembered several things I wanted to say about it. So here are some thoughts about why I like it so much. Zotero is a citation-management tool, like RefWorks or EndNote. It’s a […]

Delurk, delurk, wherever you are

I didn’t realize it was National De-Lurking Week until today. (It’s the first week of Drexel’s winter term, and I had classes tonight and yesterday night. Consider this post a stand-in for the writing I’d be doing if I weren’t also printing out articles and scrambling for textbooks.) So, those of you who’ve been lurking, […]

The not-so-lost art of conversation?

Last night and Tuesday night were my last two nights of classes this term. I’d forgotten the end-of-term feeling: one part nostalgia, one part "yikes, I’ve still got to take an exam and hand in two final projects," one part "onward!". On Tuesday night we learned about project management and systems implementation in my systems […]

Fun with search engines

So several weeks ago I mentioned that I was thinking of using Google Co-op’s Custom Search Engine tool to put together a search engine entirely devoted to things operatic. Now I have. So far, it searches Operabase, Operaglass, the Aria Database, Operissimo, the websites of a bunch of major companies, the Lied and Art Song […]