Cataloging Jefferson’s library

Over at LibraryThing, someone suggested cataloging the libraries of famous people, and the project quickly snowballed into a collective effort to catalog Thomas Jefferson’s book collection. Anyone on LT can join in and claim a section of the catalog. I’m doing Pastorals, Odes, and Elegies, and have been deep in 18th-century editions of Theocritus and Ovid this afternoon. Great fun. It’s the kind of thing you probably have to be either a librarian or a hard-core history geek (or both) to enjoy, but the great thing about LT is that it attracts precisely that kind of crowd.

Anyway, knowing that at least a few friends from UVa still visit this blog from time to time, I especially wanted to point them to the TJ-cataloging project. Mr. Jefferson’s library lives!

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  1. Jane Dark says:

    Darn it, if I weren’t swamped already…