Found poetry from knitting books

Thumbing through Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns and A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns in search of lace patterns I can actually make without losing track of where I am,* I keep coming across patterns with oddly poetic names. Consider, for instance:

Parenthetical Rib
All Fools’ Welt
Tilting Ladder
Crest of the Wave
Dry Bones Cable
Gordian Knot
Homes of Donegal
Dragon Skin
Pillar and Web
Ostrich Plumes
Flying Buttress
Inverted Gull
Crazy Maypole
The Cloisters
Candle of Glory
Telescope Lattice
Wings of the Swan
Odin’s Eagles
Syncopated Brioche

("Syncopated Brioche" is my favorite, with "Dry Bones Cable" a close second.)

* I’m looking for lace patterns because I found a skein of this yarn in indigo, purple, and green on sale, and there’s enough in it for an entire shawl and then some.

One Response to “Found poetry from knitting books”

  1. Rana says:

    Mmm… there’s something wonderful about having a skein of beautiful yarn and musing over what to do with it! I hadn’t paid much attention to the names of knitting patterns — I’m only now beginning to get over my intimidation by lace — but I will definitely do so more in the future!