Thanksgiving, a day after the fact

My friend T. and I were going to have a fabulously low-key Thanksgiving get-together, but we were both too low-key to organize it in a timely manner, so the cooking and eating and the hanging out and the movie-watching will take place a day later instead. There may be some redundancy in the menu, as T. has been making pumpkin pies and I roasted a whole pumpkin to make into some sort of side dish. With cumin seeds, I think. Possibly some cardamom. And maybe a bit of tamarind paste. But we’ll be eating other things besides orange gourds, and then we will be watching fluffy movies starring Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger. (And those two shouldn’t have been cast in the same movie because of the rhyming-names factor. McGregor-Zellweger. Infelicitous!) And then, back to the grading marathon.

Happy (post-)Thanksgiving to one and all!

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