Saturday opera blogging redux

I haven’t been very communicative lately, not just here but with everyone.  Between the exhausting heat (we had several days during which going outside was like stepping directly into a furnace), the gloom about current affairs that’s been seeping into so many of the conversations I’ve been in lately, and the way it’s finally starting to catch up with me that my father is really gone, I’ve not had the energy to say much.

But then some days, like this one, the heat gives way to cool rainy weather, and the world still seems a mess, but a mess worth living in. I’m spending the afternoon catching up on parterre box’s "Unnatural Acts of Opera" podcasts, and have been listening to a 1974 performance of Norma with Montserrat Caballé, with bonus clips of Caballé as Isolde. Just the thing for a day like this. If I concentrate hard enough, I can imagine the trees outside my window as a sacred grove. (Though the pouring rain does spoil the effect a bit.)

One Response to “Saturday opera blogging redux”

  1. Bane says:

    OK, that sounds really, really cool!