This kind of thing is why I’m fascinated by classification

There is, however, a whole universe of easily overlooked and forgotten things that remain unclassified. Once noticed, these Very Small Objects seem to exist in every niche and corner in staggering numbers and varieties. We encounter these objects every day hidden in plain sight. They fill our pockets, cabinets, and corners. They populate our environments and make our machines work.

The Collier Classification System for Very Small Objects is part art exhibit, part taxonomy. I’m greatly taken with the classification chart with its nomenclature for small objects that are (among other things): found under a spider’s web; meant to accumulate in corners; primarily intended to be eaten; of no apparent purpose or function; having the shape of an orange; crunchy; or resembling nothing but themselves. (One half-expects "that from a long distance look like flies" to show up in the system somewhere.)


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