Briefly noted

No time to blog, really. Owing to class projects and visiting friends and general busy-ness, this week and next are a complete madhouse — in a good way, but a madhouse nonetheless. However, I do have time to note in passing:

  • I spent yesterday at the ACRL Delaware Valley Chapter’s conference on "The Future of the Catalog: Destruction or Reinvention?" The overall answer to that question seemed to be "both, but more of the latter." I’ll try to post a more detailed report when I have time (which, at this rate, will be some time in 2008). A highlight: I got to meet Tim "LibraryThing" Spalding! It’s not every day that one gets to introduce oneself to someone with the phrase "I just wanted to say I’m a huge fan."
  • Speaking of fabulous bibliophile tools, I’ve just drunk several gallons of the Zotero Kool-aid. More on that later, too.
  • I’m not really a book conservation person, but if I were, this job at the Folger Shakespeare Library would be absolutely my dream job. It’s pretty damn close to a dream job already. Why do the fantastic jobs always show up several years before you’re ready to go after them?
  • Tosca at the Perelman was great fun. I ended up in one of the "boxes" (i.e. moveable chairs) on the side of the auditorium, practically next to the stage. It wasn’t the most polished production of all time, but it was quite respectable, and boasted an appropriately passionate Tosca and a suitably creepy Scarpia. Surprisingly (because tenors aren’t usually my thing) I liked the Cavaradossi best. Next up: Rossini’s Cenerentola next week or the week after.
  • Oh no. There’s now a Lush store in Center City. Between that and my Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab habit, I think this means I can kiss my disposable income goodbye.
  • I love the imaginary Shakespeare operas youse guys* have been coming up with in the comments to the last post!

* I knew I’d definitively left the South when I moved from a region where people say "y’all" to one where they say "youse."

2 Responses to “Briefly noted”

  1. Jane Dark says:

    Oh, Black Phoenix! I adore their Ave Maria Gratia Plena scent.
    And such other cool stuff, too! Glad things are going well for you.

  2. Amanda says:

    You’re a BPAL fan too! I haven’t tried Ave Maria Gratia Plena yet, but maybe I will the next time I order some samples.