Met Opera broadcasts question

I don’t suppose anyone knows where the Met’s movie-theater live broadcasts are going to be screened next season? I’d like it if they were coming to a theater near me, but so far, the screening locations seem to be a closely guarded secret. Or maybe they’re still signing movie theaters up.

The lineup looks interesting, anyway. If I can make it to any of the broadcasts, I’ll try to catch Macbeth, Peter Grimes, and La Fille du Regiment (especially because Natalie Dessay is in it). I’m also pondering whether I want to sit through all five hours of Tristan und Isolde in a movie theater, or whether I’d prefer be under the same roof as the performers for such a marathon opera. (I’m not really a Wagnerite, but WNYC’s "Tristan Mysteries" radio series has gotten me interested.)

At any rate, there’ll always be the Saturday afternoon radio broadcasts even if the screenings aren’t an option…

3 Responses to “Met Opera broadcasts question”

  1. Jane Dark says:

    If I find out, I’ll tell you, as I’m curious myself.
    Have you seen Wagner live before? I can’t remember if I’ve asked…

  2. Amanda says:

    No, never live — only in the form of occasional radio broadcasts.

  3. brd says:

    Wagner takes trying, so why not try this way when you can take breaks for popcorn without glares.
    Meanwhile, Peter Grimes! My favorite opera of all time that I have not ever seen live! This is like a Christmas gift.