Soup for a heat wave

This recipe is courtesy of my friend R. We made it this weekend when the temperature was hovering around 90 degrees, and it’s guaranteed to make you feel at least a little bit cooler.

Hungarian Cucumber Soup

Peel, de-seed, and finely dice 2-3 medium cucumbers. Mince up 1 garlic clove, and chop up a bunch of dill (how much will depend on how much you like dill). Toss all of the above together in a bowl with a bit of salt and black pepper. Stick the bowl in the fridge to get it as cold as possible.

While the main ingredients of the soup are chilling, lightly toast a generous handful of walnuts and chop them up finely. Set them aside until it’s time for dinner.

Right before you plan to serve the soup, take out the bowl of cucumber, add about 8 ounces plain yogurt, stir until mixed, and then add cold water until the soup is your desired consistency. Correct the seasoning, as the Joy of Cooking always says. Stir in the chopped walnuts. Put a couple of ice cubes in each bowl and ladle the soup over the ice cubes. Serve immediately. The ice cubes keep the soup cool while you’re eating it, and the whole thing is a lovely balance of crunchy and refreshing.

In other news, I am (re)discovering that the puzzle-solving feeling of slotting books into boxes is almost an antidote for the sorrows of moving. Let’s hope I still feel that way when it comes time to wrap each of my plates, mugs, and wine glasses in tissue paper and box them up.

3 Responses to “Soup for a heat wave”

  1. Kenneth says:

    I have had this soup before, not exactly the same and no walnuts but it sounds very good and refreshing.

  2. Jane Dark says:

    Oh. my. goodness. This soup is delicious!
    Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  3. Amanda says:

    You’re welcome — glad you liked it!