Things to do in Philly when you’re moving

I’ve got a little over a week before my big northward move, and I’m trying to enjoy my remaining time in Philadelphia as much as possible while not frantically packing. Tomorrow a friend from out of town is coming to visit, and we plan on taking in my neighborhood’s Bastille Day celebration and the Maurice Sendak exhibition at the Rosenbach. Other things I’m going to try to see and do between now and moving day:

  • see a few movies at the Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (possibly Affinity, because I love Sarah Waters‘ novels, even though that one isn’t my favorite; maybe some of the short film compilations; I haven’t decided what else);
  • have a few farewell dinners with Drexel classmates;
  • revisit the Philadelphia Museum of Art, especially the Marcel Duchamp room;
  • maybe go see a free outdoor movie at Penn’s Landing (Spider-Man 3 is on tonight, which sounds like just about right for a summer evening);
  • eat a few more cheesesteaks and sample a few more flavors of Capogiro’s gelato, preferably while sitting in the shade in Rittenhouse Square.

Alas, I’ll be leaving too soon for Shakespeare in Clark Park. Ah well. I’ll miss you, Philadelphia.

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