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The laundry-cart people: an autobiographical interlude

It’s college move-in season everywhere, and anyone who’s spent any time in academia is probably thinking of this time of the year, not January, as the real new year. The freshmen arrived last week at Swarthmore, and over the last few days we ushered all of them through the library in slightly dazed groups. My […]

Long-range, castle-in-air travel planning

I already blogged about planning to submit a talk proposal for a conference in Belgium next May. Not long after that, it occurred to me that I’ve also been wanting for ages to go to the Pratt Institute School of Library and Information Science’s summer institute in Florence. Which, if they offer it again next […]

On staying connected

In just over three (gulp!) weeks, I’m moving out of my apartment and putting my things into storage. Then there’ll be some much-needed downtime with my family in Baltimore before I move to Philadelphia, with a long weekend trip to Vancouver for a friend’s wedding at the end of July. In between, I have to […]

My big news

As you may have surmised from the hypothetical location question I posted recently, I’m moving. And now that plans for the move are officially underway, I’ll spill the beans. I’ve decided to go for my master’s in library and information science, and I’ll be starting as a new MLIS student at Drexel University in the […]

The lamp in the spine

Yesterday I returned from a whirlwind out-of-town trip for a dinner with my friend R. and our mutual friend W., a reunion of sorts: it was the first time in nearly a decade that we’d all seen each other at once. There was much catching-up and exclamations of "You look exactly the same!" and "I […]

Efforts at speech

At the funeral, everyone kept telling me that I look like my dad. The odd thing is that neither he nor I could ever spot the likeness. I remember how we once talked about family resemblances and he said that he didn’t think I looked much like either him or my mother, and that probably […]


There will be posting here again, I promise. There for a while, it felt like I’d lost the ability to put words together; every time I tried to write a sentence, all that came out were little staccato phrases, short, stark, void of everything that sounded like me. Thankfully, that hasn’t lasted. While I’ve been […]

On silence

This is very hard to write, much less post. But you’re probably wondering why there haven’t been any posts here lately, so I thought I should explain why. You may remember that I mentioned an illness in the family several months ago. The family member in question was my father, and there for a while, […]


I’m back, at least for the time being. Things are still very far from all right, but the outlook is a little less dire than I initially feared. I’d still rather not talk about the situation; it’s in the category of "things that are too personal to share with the entire internet." I don’t want […]


I’m going to have to go on hiatus for a while. I’ve just gotten some very bad news (the ‘serious illness in the family’ kind of bad news), and I haven’t the heart to write much of anything right now. I’m not planning on leaving the blogosphere, and if the news in question is followed […]