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A #Reverb10 photo post: Moment

I've been neglecting the blog again. Too many things I might blog about (fun with productivity tools; gender in social networks; the latest outcroppings of my commonplace book project; when all else fails, random favorite poems), too little time. But a bunch of people I know in the blogo/Twitterspheres are doing Reverb 10, and I've been playing […]

On the consequences of tolerating bullying

(Possible trigger warning for discussion of bullying. Also, this post contains considerably more of my guts than I usually spill on this blog. Just so you know.) I've been reading the flurry of reportage about bullying and queer youth suicides partly with a sinking heart (has it gotten suddenly worse lately? if these are just […]

All the lonely people, where do they all belong?

This is going to be a fragmentary post because my thinking on it is still disconnected. Sometimes I get thoughts and words stuck in my head and blog to get them out; if I’m lucky, the fragments amount to more than self-indulgent navel-gazing, and make sense to someone else reading them. (In other words: Probable […]

Of wanderlust and long-distance walking

The topic of "life lists" came up at my knitting group yesterday, and I realized that inasmuch as I have a life list, it's more of a travel list than anything else. Yes, I suppose I'd like to go bungee jumping or hang gliding or skydiving at least once, but I don't think my life […]

A New Year’s revelation

I started writing this post on New Year's Eve, at the end of a decade that started with Y2K panic and only got weirder from there. I'm not going to write a year-in-review post, much less a decade-in-review one, and I'll post a longer wrap-up of the highlights of MLA 2009 in a day or […]

Autumnal dreaming

I went to see my family in Baltimore for Thanksgiving weekend. The day after Thanksgiving, we went for a walk up and down Roland Avenue, one of the main north-south streets in Hampden, where I spent most of my childhood. Just as we were leaving, I remembered my camera. I took a bunch of pictures, […]

New Year’s resolution

I have plenty of things I'd like to accomplish in 2009, but I'm not framing them in the form of resolutions because I've made a meta-resolution not to make any more resolutions that I won't enjoy keeping. I just don't have time to guilt myself out. So the goals go on my to-do list instead. […]

Birthday, end of library school, changes afoot

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm 33, an appealingly palindromic number (I've always liked multiples of eleven). I didn't get to do anything yesterday evening, because I had a class to go to; thanks to the quarter system, my birthday always falls right around the crazy pre-finals weeks. (The University of Chicago is on the quarter […]

Ann Arbor variations

(Title of this post stolen shamelessly from a Frank O’Hara poem, in case you’re wondering. He got an MFA here in between sojourns in New York.) So here I am in Ann Arbor for day 1 of the conference I’m attending; the papers are all being delivered tomorrow and Sunday morning, so today was mostly […]

Job-hunting and New Year’s resolutions

In a little over six months, cross fingers and knock on wood, I’ll be finished library school and have another master’s degree to my name. And, since the average job search takes about six months, I’m kicking off my post-MSLIS job search in earnest with the new year. I’ve put together an online portfolio, I’ll […]