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Die spam die

If you’re wondering why I’ve closed the comments on all posts over a month old, it’s because there’s been the beginnings of an upsurge in comment spam here lately. If you’d really like to comment on an older entry, send me an e-mail and I’ll re-open the comments on it for you. There’s got to […]

Pre-election resolution

I’ve come to a decision. No more political blogging for me until at least November 3rd. There’s plenty to get worked up about, but the trouble with me getting worked up is that once I’m up-worked enough to post about it, writing the post just perpetuates the state of mind (brooding, anxious, enraged). Michelle sometimes […]

And one more thing…

…before they kick me out of this nice computer lab that’s closing in 30 minutes. In all the excitement of moving to Charlottesville, I missed the ritual anniversary post. But it’s already been just over a year since I started the old version of this blog. Who’d’ve thought it? Everything has been happening a lot […]

Dear blogosphere…

Dear blogosphere, I know I’ve been too distracted to pay much attention to you lately, but I do miss you, and I promise I will stop neglecting you before too long. The thing is, I don’t want to use my working hours for blog-surfing, and I’m temporarily without home internet access. But I haven’t abandoned […]

Matters of identity

It occurs to me — well, it occurred to me when I initially posted the news about my postdoc — that my already lightweight veil of semi-anonymity has become a whole lot sheerer.* Of course, a determined and clever person could probably have already worked out my current location and my full name. But now […]

Waiting for reluctant thoughts

I’ve got a bunch of half-drafted posts and further topics to write about, but I think I’m going to go easy on the posting for the next little while. I need some time to quiet down and think. Among other things, I’ve just joined an unofficial poetry workshop comprised of MFA students, former MFA students, […]

Fun with referrer stats

Recent Google and Yahoo searches leading to this site: found poetry names of lace patterns usage "empathize with" stevens the poem must resist the intelligence topic of wallace stevens poems analyze "The Emperor of Ice-Cream" And here I thought I was the only person who went around googling lines from Stevens. But if you’re looking […]

Testing, testing

[taps microphone, listens for feedback noise] Hello? Is this thing on? Well, as you can see, I’ve moved. Importing of my old blog will commence as soon as I’m really desperate not to grade papers. In the meantime, update your bookmarks!