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Google searches I wish didn’t lead here

To whoever it was who found this site by way of a Google search for "repeal the 19th amendment": I sincerely hope you were searching in jest, or something. But if you actually want said amendment repealed, then you, sir (or madam, though I suspect it’s almost certainly sir), should be ashamed. I hope you […]


languagehat draws our attention to a newly-coined word, "igry," which means "painfully embarrassed for or uncomfortable about someone else’s incredibly poor social behavior" (see also this Monkeyfilter thread). The concept of shame felt on behalf of another person, who should really be the one feeling the shame (but isn’t), interests me; I’ve been thinking about […]

Blog concepts I wish I’d thought of

I stole this link from BoingBoing, but 5ives (a.k.a. "Merlin’s Lists of Five Things") is hilarious. I’m simultaneously hooting with laughter and coveting the list-of-five idea. I’d post my own ("Five operatic arias I sing in the shower," "Five movie stars I find intensely irritating for no good reason," "Five things I have reportedly said […]


I want a Marilyn Horne Zippo lighter! (I was just listening to a Met Opera broadcast intermission feature about her, from which I learned that both she and the Zippo are from Bradford, PA, hence the commemorative lighter.) It was Marilyn Horne, by the way, who described the standard roles for the operatic mezzo-soprano in […]

The hell? Or rather, The horror! The horror!

All the cool kids are doing this, but I have to say, I’m rather surprised to find out: What Classic Movie Are You?

Curiosity of the day

In not one but two of Midwestern University’s libraries, someone has written a quotation from Shakespeare’s Richard II (Act 5, Scene 5) — "I wasted time, and now doth time waste me" — on carrel walls. Is it the work of a single obsessed Shakespearean? Several undergraduates who all took the same survey course? A […]

Joseph Cornell meets the commedia dell’arte

Because I’ve always been intrigued by miniature rooms, shadowboxes, and stage sets, I found Theaters of the 13th Dimension utterly fascinating. Better yet, they’re on display in my home town, Baltimore. Maybe I can coax my family into making a trip to the Senator Theatre when I go home to visit them next week. Maybe […]

Fun with referrer stats

Recent Google and Yahoo searches leading to this site: found poetry names of lace patterns usage "empathize with" stevens the poem must resist the intelligence topic of wallace stevens poems analyze "The Emperor of Ice-Cream" And here I thought I was the only person who went around googling lines from Stevens. But if you’re looking […]