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Career guidance from science-fiction TV shows

Not long ago I came up with a career-inclinations quiz question, a way of identifying what one wants to do. Imagine that you and a bunch of other people, from various walks of life, are stranded on an island* — or, if you prefer, sent off to start a colony on an uninhabited planet.** Assume […]


Due in just over a week: one website, one thesaurus, one-quarter of a group project, and one reflection paper on the various lessons learned from doing the group project. Am I a tad stressed out? Yes, indeed! Am I going to be very happy when I’m no longer juggling work and classes and can have […]

The map obsession continues

I’m still on my "space and place" kick, and probably will be for quite a while: it has all the signs of becoming a productive research obsession. Among the latest manifestations: Someone recently drew my attention to Ecotone, a new literary journal out of the University of North Carolina. It deals with the concept of […]


I’m at the bottom of a heap of coursework right now. Expect light blogging for the next couple of weeks (not that there’s been a torrent of posts around here lately to begin with). In the meantime, have a look at a few things I’ve just added to my del.icio.us bookmarks: Great Moments in the […]

Two things that have made me happy recently

1. San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders, explaining why he’s changed his mind and decided to support gay marriage. Mayor Sanders, if you happen to read this, thank you for restoring a sizeable chunk of my faith in humanity. (Also spotted at Alison Bechdel’s blog and Bitch Ph.D.) 2. Amazing altered-book art by Brian Dettmer. He […]

Streets as hyperfiction

This is such an interesting idea: a story told in stencils on the streets of San Francisco, with the locations of the stencils (an apartment building, a street with hills behind it, a burrito joint) acting as a kind of illustration or setting for the story. And it’s a hypertextual "Choose Your Own Adventure" type […]

Random bullets of cataloging (and other randomness)

Our cataloging class had its final meeting on Tuesday night. It was a good class; I still don’t think I’d want to be a cataloger full time, but I enjoyed learning how to do it. Next term I’m taking a course on content representation, which deals with some of the same intellectual territory. I’ve also […]

Poe mystery revealed? Pity.

Like several of my fellow Baltimoreans, I’m a bit sad that the enduring mystery of the person who leaves roses and cognac on Edgar Allen Poe’s grave every year has apparently been partially solved. It was one of those random cool things about my home town, like the Bromo-Seltzer Tower and Homicide: Life on the […]

Mystery of the abandoned town

How strange: an entire Italian hill town near Genova apparently abandoned and falling to bits. I found the page of photos on del.icio.us popular; it turns out to be part of a larger site of pictures of abandoned places. What’s with the one building with curtains and shutters in the windows? The rusting bicycle and […]


I desperately want a Bookinist chair. Because it’s not just a chair with built-in bookshelves; it’s a chair with built-in bookshelves and a secret compartment with a little Moleskine-pocket. Why has nobody thought of this before now? (via librarian.net)