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Deferred cinematic gratification

I’m finally seeing Serenity this weekend, having had too many other engagements last weekend to get out to Far-Off Movie Theater, the only place in town where it’s playing. And after-work moviegoing is a drag when you have to schlep long distances on the bus; so, Joss Whedon Appreciation Day will arrive a tad late. […]

Let us now praise Joss

Trailers for the Firefly movie! Fellow Joss Whedon fans, rejoice! (Via Making Light and TangognaT.) You know, I didn’t really get into "Firefly" when it was on TV. Fox’s addlebrained decision to show the episodes out of sequence made the storylines hard to follow, and the cinematography was too dark to look good on my […]

Summer movies: the not-yet-seen and spoiler-heavy edition

I want to see Spiderman 2. Everyone keeps saying it’s great. It sounds like prime summer movie fare. It has Tobey Maguire, whom I liked a lot in Wonder Boys. It’s also not playing anywhere I can get to without a long bus ride. Harrumph. Ditto for The Village, which I want to see even […]

Entering countdown mode / Summer movie reports #2

A week from today and I’ll be in Charlottesville. Lots of packing still to do. Expect light blogging for the next couple of weeks. In other news, I saw Chicago the other night as part of the outdoor film series, and it’s just as enjoyable on repeat viewings (I’d seen it twice or three times […]

Summer movie reports, #1

So the free outdoor screening of Pirates of the Caribbean was last night, and I braved dodgy weather (off-and-on rain earlier in the evening) and a hay fever attack to go see it. Much fun. I would just like to report the following bits of overheard dialogue from my fellow audience members: *** MAN SITTING […]

On summer movies

Summer is here in spades: it’s supposed to get up to 90 this week. Which means that it’s officially summer movie season chez Household Opera. While I’m no great fan of the kind of summer movies that feature car crashes, meteorites, and/or giant tidal waves swamping New York, I nonetheless find my cinematic tastes changing […]

Capsule movie review: Master and Commander

I saw Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World over the holiday weekend. I liked it better than I thought I would. I hasten to add that I’m not the kind of person who always insists that the book was better than the movie; such people are, on the whole, irritating. But I’m […]