Summer movie reports, #1

So the free outdoor screening of Pirates of the Caribbean was last night, and I braved dodgy weather (off-and-on rain earlier in the evening) and a hay fever attack to go see it. Much fun. I would just like to report the following bits of overheard dialogue from my fellow audience members:


MAN SITTING AT END OF ROW [to the guy next to him, after a short "So what do you do?" exchange]: So you’re one of those adjunct professors, then?


SECOND GIRL [in the Mocking Voice of Heavy Adolescent Sarcasm]: Oooh, Johnny Depp is like, so hot.
THIRD GIRL [without sarcasm]: Johnny Depp is hot. Shut up.
OLDER GUY IN FRONT OF ME: Excuse me, would you mind letting some of us watch the movie?
[The first few scenes of the movie unfold. JACK SPARROW makes his entrance atop the mast of his rapidly-sinking boat.]
AUDIENCE: Whoo! [miscellaneous cheers and applause]


And, finally, my favorite moment:

JACK SPARROW: If you were waiting for the opportune moment….


It was almost as much fun as the time I went to a midnight screening of Moulin Rouge where half the audience was reciting along with Ewan McGregor, "You don’t believe in love? Love is like oxygen! Love lifts us us up where we belong! Love is a many-splendored thing! All you need is love!"

Also, there was at least one audience member dressed up like a pirate. That is, if pants with the legs partly rolled up and red knee socks count as a pirate costume.

6 Responses to “Summer movie reports, #1”

  1. But why is the RUM GONE?

  2. Michelle says:

    That sounds like a blast.

  3. Amanda says:

    Not to mention…
    “You cheated!”
    [shrug] “Pirate.”
    and also, well, pretty much any scene involving Jack Sparrow. (POTC may not hold the all-time record for quotability, but it’s got to be a contender…)

  4. wolfangel says:

    See, now I really want to see an audience-interactive version of PotC. Chicago and Moulin Rouge would do well, too. (Yes, I did go see Rocky Horror when I was younger.)

  5. Michelle says:

    Bloody pirates. On Kiera Knightley: I just realized this past Sunday that she plays Guinevere (revamped into a Celtic war chick) in the new Arthur flick due out soon.

  6. Somewhat says:

    I’m convinced that we’ll be getting audience participation versions of PotC, just like Rocky Horror. I like:
    Pintel: Down to the depths with whatever muttonhead thought of ‘Parley’.
    Jack: That would be the French.