Deferred cinematic gratification

I’m finally seeing Serenity this weekend, having had too many other engagements last weekend to get out to Far-Off Movie Theater, the only place in town where it’s playing. And after-work moviegoing is a drag when you have to schlep long distances on the bus; so, Joss Whedon Appreciation Day will arrive a tad late. Meanwhile, the groovy downtown Vinegar Hill Theatre is going to show My Summer of Love, which I’ve been wanting to see for months and didn’t think I’d get to see on the big screen; and then at the end of the month there’s the Virginia Film Festival, for which this year I intend to get tickets instead of missing everything.

What are you looking forward to seeing? (Or have we exhausted that topic?)

2 Responses to “Deferred cinematic gratification”

  1. Jane Dark says:

    Wallace and Gromit! And Serenity. Still.

  2. Cleis says:

    I finally saw Serenity last night (had to wait until we got the Joss-fan crew together to see it). It did not disappoint.
    I’m also looking forward to Wallace and Gromit and Corpse Bride, of those that are currently playing in town. I may go see In Her Shoes because I love Toni Colette so much.