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My big news

As you may have surmised from the hypothetical location question I posted recently, I’m moving. And now that plans for the move are officially underway, I’ll spill the beans. I’ve decided to go for my master’s in library and information science, and I’ll be starting as a new MLIS student at Drexel University in the […]

Why research is hard, part 3

First of all, hello to everyone who’s read parts 1 and 2 of this set of posts, and I’m awfully pleased to have been in the latest Carnival of the Infosciences. (Thanks for the nomination, Tangognat!) If you’re just tuning in, I’ve been thinking out loud about why it’s so tricky to decide what parts […]

UCLA alumni group says: We don’t know how to think.

I’m not going to post much about the UCLA alumni group that’s paying students to report on their "radical" professors, because I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you’re going to insist that a professor talking about politics in the classroom is enough to "brainwash" and "indoctrinate" students, then what you’re really […]

On teaching and finding one’s niche

This was the last week before the spring semester gets underway, and I spent most of it wrapping up a big web-design project I’ve been working on intermittently for the last year. It’s for an undergraduate class that’s been in the works for some time. I’m doing some librarian outreach work with the students in […]

Anecdote recounted in lieu of getting real writing done

It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting at my office desk working on this article I’ve been writing.* (I can’t seem to make myself work on it at home, and if I need to track down a citation at the last minute, the stacks are a five-second walk away — one of the many advantages […]

Hey, I remember those steps!

Even though I’ve just marked the two-year anniversary of the completion of my dissertation, I can’t resist quoting Mike’s post on The Dissertation Flail, because it made me laugh out loud: As should be evident from the name, it’s a dance best done to slow, angsty, navel-gazing music. The Dissertation Flail Go around in tiny […]

Blog at your own risk

Like a whole bunch of others, I found this Chronicle article ("Bloggers Need Not Apply," by "Ivan Tribble," 7/8/05) … puzzling, at best. Professor Tribble, who’s served on a search committee that didn’t hire several blogging candidates, wonders why anyone applying for an academic position would keep a blog: The pertinent question for bloggers is […]

The “single woman in a rural college town” blues

I still read the Chronicle of Higher Education from time to time, and a few days ago there was an article about the loneliness of the single woman academic stuck in a tiny town where everyone in her social circle is married. The pseudonymous Sara Bradshaw (is that an homage to Sex and the City‘s […]

In which I revisit the past

So, as previously mentioned, I went to this year’s Modern Language Association convention in Philadelphia, not because I’m on the market for English-professor jobs (which was the first question asked by every single old acquaintance I ran into). No, this was more by way of keeping up with some of my intellectual roots (not to […]

Book interview opportunity for graduate students

Here follows an announcement from Anya Kamenetz, author of the Village Voice article “Wanted: Really Smart Suckers,” about which I blogged some time back. She’s looking for graduate students to interview for an upcoming book. I’m posting the announcement she sent me in case any of you who come here for the postacademic commentary are […]