Best. Graffiti. Ever.

Seen on a wall in a stairwell in the Alderman Library today: a heart containing the words "I love Beatrice."

Next to it, in a different hand: "You go, Dante."

Underneath, in a third hand: "Meanwhile, Virgil feels dumped."

Then, from another contributor: "Petrarch only loved himself!"

And finally, in yet another hand: "Hmm. Let’s not forget Benedict."

There is hope for the literacy of the younger generation, after all. (And yes, I did take out my notebook and copy down that entire exchange. After the last line, how could I not?)

One Response to “Best. Graffiti. Ever.”

  1. michelle says:

    That is hysterical!
    You know you’re living in an intellectual atmosphere when that’s the graffiti. It’s not representative of the real world but reassuring about the thinkers in the intellectual world.