O Canada

An editorial in the Toronto Star proposes a satirical solution to the SpongeBob SquarePants controversy:

I have a proposal that I’m betting Dobson and the Focus on the Family organization would go along with. What’s needed are more cartoon characters willing to promote intolerance. Maybe, with the right kind of deprogramming, some of the existing characters we already know so well could be cured of their acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. This might be a lot easier than trying to invent new animated heroes like, for example, Iggy the Ignorant Iguana, Kris the Kranky Krustacean, or Henry the Hamster of Hate.

— "Why no cartoon characters promoting intolerance?", Toronto Star, 1/24/05

While I share Rana’s reservations about "tolerance" as a framework, that line about Henry the Hamster of Hate is just too funny not to share. I love Canadians.

2 Responses to “O Canada”

  1. media girl says:

    I thought the Simpsons’ “Itchy and Scratchy” were paragons of neo-con values.

  2. Rana says:

    *giggling* I liked Henry the Hamster of Hate, too. 🙂
    Sammy the Sexist Sea Serpent? Racist Randy the Raccoon?
    (Good lord… this has the potential for a sick party game, doesn’t it?)