Very quick summary of today:

Phone interview: not quite sure how it went. Think it was all right, but won’t hear until next week.

Library discussion group this afternoon (topic: folksonomies and social tagging): neato.

News received later this afternoon re: other job applied for: encouraging. Very encouraging.

After-work pool game at Orbit: fun despite losing streak.

Concert in the evening: most excellent.

Dinner at home afterward: much needed.

General mood: hopeful, sleepy, earwormed with Jerome Kern.

Lingering blogger’s block: unblocked, apparently.

Full report: tomorrow or Thursday, but for now, suffice it to say, in Bridget Jones fashion, v.v.g.

One Response to “Diaristic”

  1. wolfangel says:

    Where’s the promised report? Here’s hoping for the jobs.