Off to ACRL

On Friday morning I’m heading off at a truly ungodly hour to the ACRL conference in Minneapolis, there to attend as many papers, panels, and posters as I can cram into my schedule, participate in a roundtable with my fellow Fellows, maybe take in some theater if there’s time, hopefully meet a few people I know only from the blogosphere (I have another engagement that conflicts with the bloggers’ dinner, but if anyone reading this is going to roundtable 10 on Saturday morning, I’ll be on it), and, of course, network network network. If I can find a seat, or even standing room, at the recently-added panel on the Google digitization project, I’ll take lots of notes and blog it when I get back.

You know, it’s been nearly a year since I first got the news about this fellowship, and a year ago, I don’t think I would have pictured myself gleefully saying "network network network!" or getting excited about panel topics like "Is Quality Metadata Shareable Metadata?". I wouldn’t have ever guessed that I’d enjoy fielding reference questions; at that point, I was still operating under the assumption that I preferred not to interact with other people. I knew librarians were doing some pretty cool stuff (I was already getting a ground-level part-timer’s view of it), but I didn’t know how cool. I knew there were ex-academics-turned-librarians out there, but I didn’t realize quite how many of us there are. It seems like I got here yesterday, but the distance between who I was then and who I am now is enormous.

This week is heavy on the kinds of stuff that have to get done before going out of town, plus — ugh — taxes, and I have hardly any time to think, but I just wanted to say that before returning to laundry and cleaning and packing.

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