Shameless boasting

Io sono quel gran medico,

dottore enciclopedico

chiamato Dulcamara,

la cui virtù preclara

e i portenti infiniti

son noti in tutto il mondo… e in altri siti.

[I am the great physician, the walking encyclopedia, Doctor Dulcamara; my skill is famous, and my boundless marvels are known all over the world … and in other places.]

L’Elisir d’Amore, act 1, scene 5

That article I’ve been working on, in fits and starts, for months? This afternoon I locked myself in my office, shackled myself to the desk, and finished it, all but for a couple of citations to chase down and some last-minute grooming. I had forgotten the goofy feeling of triumph that comes of finishing a big piece of writing. Done! Just call me dottoressa enciclopedica! (And this is what happens when you listen to Donizetti for hours while writing.)

2 Responses to “Shameless boasting”

  1. Christa says:

    Hurrah! This is great news! Congratulations, and a (metaphorical) wine glass raised to your honor. (I wish it was more than metaphorical, but I’ve got too much homework to do, alas…)