Link-dump post (mostly literary)

Well, Thanksgiving weekend was blessedly slow-paced, and I spent most of it hanging out with my family and being completely unplugged. Now I’m catching up:

The Classical Language Instruction Project
(via languagehat, and don’t miss the comments on pronunciation). Features people reading bits of
Homer, Vergil, Plato, et al. out loud in Greek and Latin. Note to
self: this winter, read Propertius.

A nifty idea for urban development in Minnesota: library on the ground floor, apartments above
). I’d live in an apartment over the public library, for sure.

They’re having another seminar on Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell over
at Crooked Timber, and Susanna Clarke herself is one of the
participants. Whee!

Speaking of JS&MN: I discovered while Googling it that apparently there’s already a screenplay for the future movie version. Which begs the question: how on earth does one condense an 800-plus-page novel into a couple of hours’ screen time? And what happens to the footnotes? Nonetheless, it’ll be fun to play "Fantasy Casting" until the news of the actual cast comes out.

Speaking of books: "An unforgettable journey of robot love and despair!" It’s the Blurb-O-Matic! (Via scribblingwoman.)

And, via Arts & Letters Daily: years’ worth of the great University of Chicago Latke-Hamantasch Debate has now been condensed into book form, complete with recipes. It made me happy to see the New York Times’ coverage of this year’s debate; I went to several of them as an undergraduate. I miss the mock-serious arguments, the embroidered banners and academic regalia, and the mad dash for the latkes-and-hamantaschen buffet afterwards. (And now I’m hungry.)

5 Responses to “Link-dump post (mostly literary)”

  1. Bane says:

    You went to the U. of C.? Wonderful! From one to another: brrr, is it ever wicked cold in Hyde Park today!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    Ahahahaha! I distinctly remember how the Classics Quad was always colder than other quads in the winter. (Especially when I was trudging through the snowdrifts to Latin class at 8:30 in the morning.)
    …So has the snow started yet?

  3. Dean Blobaum says:

    You can sample the book in our web feature which includes both the text and audio of philosopher Ted Cohen’s lecture “Consolations of the Latke,” plus recipes.
    16 degrees F., a little snow on the ground, but a brilliantly sunny day! Cheers!
    Dean Blobaum
    The University of Chicago Press

  4. Bane says:

    Just peeked out the window, and yup, there’s still some snow out there. As a Vermonter, I’m always a little underwhelmed by the snow accumulation here. But the wind, I respect the wind. I live south of the Midway, so at least twice daily, I have to face that bone-chilling cross.
    Re: the cold Classics Quad, you mean it’s not just my imagination? Nice in the summer anyway, when it’s the coolest and shadiest spot on campus.

  5. Jane Dark says:

    Oh oh oh! Libraries and apartments. I might die of the pleasure of it.