101 things to do with a butternut squash

Last week I brought home a
prodigiously large butternut squash from the Fair Food Farmstand. I
had in mind a recipe for squash in a spicy yogurt sauce from Bharti
Kirchner’s The Healthy Cuisine of India. So earlier this week I
de-skinned, de-seeded, and cubed the squash; I needed four cups of it
for the recipe, which turned out beautifully. (It’s quite simple: you
fry up some Bengali five-spice in a bit of oil with grated ginger, hot
pepper, and turmeric, throw in the squash, add some water and a little
salt, cover it and let it simmer for half an hour or so until it’s soft
but not too mushy; then you stir in plain yogurt and garam masala to
make the sauce. Great winter comfort food.) But I still had just over
half of the original Monster Squash. Into the refrigerator it went
while I considered what else to do.

More of the squash found its way into a pot of chicken with
root vegetables I was planning to make on New Year’s Day, but ended up
making yesterday night because all the stores were closed on New Year’s and I
couldn’t go get a bottle of white wine. The squash went very nicely
with the carrots and parsnips and garlic, and added an agreeable note
of sweetness. But most of the leftovers were still left over.

So I think there’s only one thing to do now: roast the
remainder of the Monster Squash until it’s soft and make a pie out of it. Anybody got a recipe?

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